Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi?

Kitchenslut Rationalist Economics is highly disposed to open borders and migration however the externality of migration impacts has become interesting as the Copenhagen driven ETS climate hype intensifies!

Australia has now achieved numero uno per capita carbon emmitter status! Aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi oi!

So! What happens for each low emitting Tamil or Afghan imported into a high carbon lifestyle? Have you noticed that with recent upgrades to currently record immigration and population numbers that policymakers have been dead keen to fully inform us on this, NOT? Yes, for every migrant our carbon targets get harder!

The laws of unintended consequences remain immutable .....

Friday, October 23, 2009

geography of a daylight saving stimulus

The Compost has published an article on the proposition that daylight saving could be an economic stimulus and report the notion has been rejected by local industry leaders. The basis of the research does seem to yet again be based on temperate rather than tropical zones.

A simple explanation of some of the latitudinal geographic differences relevant to daylight saving cam a few years ago now at olineopinion.com.au

Monday, October 19, 2009

KitchenSlut Global Markets

The muscular Australian dollar has grown as a topic of conversation almost to the extent of almost becoming the proverbial BBQ stopper. The conversation used to be property values and now it's currency and potential international travel destinations. While the $AUD is not back to pre-crisis levels against many major currencies it is well above where could have been expected and closing in on previous highs.

So, just on currency which are the countries we most strongly resemble. There has been some comment on the comparison with Canada which as a fellow 'developed nation' has a substantial commodity based economy also, but with a higher manufacturing exposure and a large exposure to the USA. Even there though as against the anything from the $US, the impoverished pound sterling, the euro and on to the Indian Rupee and the Chinese Renmimbi / Yuan, the hegemony of the $AUD has been complete!

But no, the countries we have most strongly tracked over the last year are ....

Brazil, where the stock market is a global best performer and back to 2007 levels.

and South Africa

Yes there were some volatile moves a year ago when the shit hit the fan but otherwise these are the two we track most closely in recent months! So Carnivale, in Rio not Port Douglas, is off the travel agenda for next year anyway with Europe, UK and most others cheap as chips. It was a year ago now that economics nobel laureate Paul Krugman coined the phrase "we are all brazillians now" in a different context.
Well KS Global Markets may not seem to have a local theme, but with currency the theme du jour we noted extensive advertising on Sea FM promoting get rich schemes from an obscure currency trading promoter with the prestigious web address www.makegreatmoney.com.au/

Oh dear, does this still work or has not the average Sea FM punter out there not worked out that what will be most heavily promoted will be the current themes and headlines? We may look into and post further on this.

Update: No sooner do we post than Brazil whacks a surprise 2% tax on all capital inflows to try and stem the rising real with consequences for markets and exchange rates. This Bloomberg report with comments on consquences of a 'currency bubble' in Brazil as the exodus from $US assets continues is also interesting. Meanwhile, The Australian has reported on currency related impacts on overseas student numbers .....  

Saturday, October 17, 2009

"I murdered the state"?

As a consequence of not owning a television KitchenSlut missed the entire first series of Masterchef as well as the celibrity version this week featuring Anna Bligh. Apparently Bligh's contribution to the Far North was, in tune with KS, an attempt to highlight our magnificent local vanilla beans! Although it would seem the vanilla bean featured in a less than cameo role being tossed in whole in a blink with scant regard and no theatrical slicing to arromatically excite the senses!?

But did Anna really mumble the line "I murdered the state" ...... errrr or was that steak(?) as she presented her downfall meat dish? Was the detraction of a flawed main from a "cracking" fnq vanilla enhanced dessert an ironic metaphor for the state's political economy?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Far North Unemployment Debacle

Kitchenslut is struggling somewhat here with his google docs embeddedment into blogger but will persist and, perhaps, one day triumph! Although a retreat into the culinary uses of vanilla beans may also be an option?

Whatever! These are the percentage unemployment percentages from the ABS for the Far North statistical region since the series commenced in 2007. Total numbers of unemplyed have risen to around 20,000. The participation rate, the percentage of working age people actually seeking work, has been quite stable generally throughout this period. I will try to update and improve the table and add graphics if possible!

These numbers are still little reported even in Cairns, let alone beyond, but should be regarded as unacceptable. When i stop dabbling with techie issues will try to update with further comment .....

''Sure I love the dollar at the moment. It has reaffirmed my faith in humanity.''

Somehow there is a moral disconnect somewhere in this quote?